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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Sharing Cart.

Block: Sharing Cart 1.9 release 2 - 2009.02.19


Sharing Cart enables sharing content (resources, activities) between multiple courses on your site. You can share among teachers or among your own courses. It copies and moves the course items without user data—similar to the “Import” function in Administration. It available only for teachers, course creators and administrators.


  1. Topic, Weekly or Project Course Format: The Sharing Cart now works with three formats. Topics and Weekly format are now supported as well as Project course format. See for download information.
  2. Javascript: The Sharing Cart needs a browser with JavaScript enabled even if you are not using AJAX. AJAX turned on is recommended but not required.


  1. unzip the package
  2. using FTP, open your blocks folder in your moodle program folder on your site
  3. place the folder "sharing_cart" into the blocks folder
  4. go to "Notifications" in your site admin area, database tables will be automatically generated
  5. inside any course, "Turn editing on", go to Blocks "Add...", and you should see "sharing cart" in the list of blocks in the menu.


  1. Copying content to the Sharing Cart from a course: With editing on, add the Sharing Cart block from the block menu. Then you will notice a small "Copy to Sharing Cart" icon which appears after each resource or activity in the center column of a Moodle course. Click on that icon to send a copy of that resource/activity into the Sharing Cart.

2. Copy content to a course from the Sharing Cart Click "Copy to course" icon in Sharing Cart, then the module is copied into the first section of current course. And the page transits to module placing mode directly. So, if you want to cancel copying completely, the module copied into the first section needs to be removed manually. 3. Make a folder inside the Sharing Cart Click the "Edit" icon on course content item and an input box will appear. Input the name of the target folder there. 4. Move content into a folder Click "Move to folder" icon in Sharing Cart, then a drop-down list appears, and select the target folder. If you click the “Edit” button, you will replace the drop-down list with an input box.

Known problems

When AJAX course editing is enabled on your site, dragging the Sharing Cart block to a new location in the blocks area may cause trouble temporarily—all blocks may freeze or all the folders freeze (this is a bug in Moodle core). To unfreeze the folders, reload the page.


This block was programmed by Akio Ohnishi and staff at Version2 Educational Web Development. The designers and maintainers of this block are Don Hinkelman and Andy Johnson. Funding was and is provided by Sapporo Gakuin University. For issues and suggestions, please contact Don on the Sharing Cart forums or directly (hinkel at

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