Moodle for Mobiles installation

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Moodle for Mobiles installation.

Install Moodle 1.9

The latest version of Moodle for Mobiles works with Moodle 1.9.

Moodle for Mobiles for Moodle 1.6 is still available

You can still get the old version of Moodle for Mobiles from this url This older version works with Moodle 1.6. Instructions for installation of the older version are included in the downloadable package in a file called README.txt

Optionally install the Japanese language pack.

You will need to check out the Japanese language pack (or download it with the new lang pack download admin facility) as well - only the english language pack is now included in the main moodle distribution.

Optionally install the feedback module.

Also if you want to use Andreas Grabs' feedback module the latest version is available from this url :

Moodle Settings.

Set the site theme to standardwhite or standard. Or to use another theme see instructions below (4).

Download Moodle for Mobiles Code

Download the Moodle for Mobiles code from here :

Install the contents of the package in yourmoodledirroot/mobile/

Then make some small additions to Moodle code

1. Add the following line marked with a plus to yourmoodledirroot/course/lib.php at line 2, immediately after the line starting '<?php // $Id:'. The exact contents of this line starting '<?php // $Id:' will depend on when you updated your copy of Moodle 1.9. Delete the + sign it is just used to mark what you need to add :

<?php  // $Id: lib.php,v 1.538.2.80 2010/02/25 10:16:15 stronk7 Exp $
+  include_once($CFG->mfm_dirroot.'/course/mfmbuttons.php');
   // Library of useful functions

2. Add the following line marked with a plus to the same file (yourmoodledirroot/course/lib.php) around line 1389 (immediately after the line starting 'echo make_editing_buttons'). Delete the + sign it is just used to mark what you need to add :

                         echo '  ';
                         echo make_editing_buttons($mod, $absolute, true, $mod->indent, $section->section);
    +                    echo make_mobile_enable_button($mod, $absolute, $section->section);
                     echo "</td>";
                     echo "</tr>";

3. If you are using a theme other than standard or standardwhite then you need to make a copy of customscripts/theme/standard or customscripts/theme/standardwhite and rename it to the same name as the theme you want to use.

4. In yourmoodlewwwroot/config.php replace :




5. Finally go to on your mobile phone to have the code automatically set up the extra required storage in your moodle database (you will need to log in as an admin to access this page).