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{{MoodleDocs development}}
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==Starting Moodle Docs in another language==
Would you like Moodle Docs in your language?
''Please check first whether all of the help files included in Moodle have been translated into your language.'' If not, perhaps you could offer to help your language pack maintainer(s) - see [[Translation credits]] for contact details.
Moodle Docs in a new language needs:
*'''An administrator''' (or two)
:The administrator should understand MediaWiki features such as page redirects, [[Special:Categories|categories]], templates and [[Special:Disambiguations|disambiguation pages]]. Please browse this wiki to discover how these features work.
*'''Lots of people wishing to contribute'''
:Please find out how many people are interested by discussing Moodle Docs in your moodle.org [http://moodle.org/course/category.php?id=3 community discussion] course. You should also contact your language pack maintainer(s) - see [[Translation credits]] for contact details.
If you wish to start Moodle Docs in your language, are willing to take on administrator responsibility, and know of lots of people wishing to contribute, please send an email to [mailto:docs@moodle.org docs@moodle.org] to arrange for a wiki <nowiki>https://docs.moodle.org/xx</nowiki> to be set up.
Once your documentation wiki is set up, please announce it in your moodle.org community discussion course. Suggestions of what to do next are described below. Whilst everyone in your community may login and [[MoodleDocs:Guidelines for contributors|contribute to the documentation]], [[Special:Allmessages|system messages]] pages i.e. pages in the MediaWiki namespace are locked so that only administrators may edit them.
==Initial pages==
* Create a [[Main Page]] with appropriate links. You may wish to focus initially on the [[Teacher documentation|teacher]] or the [[Administrator documentation|administrator]] documentation.
* Transfer the information from the files in your language pack docs directory to Moodle Docs, updating the information as necessary (see [[MoodleDocs:Language packs and Moodle Docs|Language packs and Moodle Docs]] for details of where up-to-date information from the en language pack docs directory may be found in Moodle Docs). Files in your language pack docs directory may then be deleted from CVS (see tracker report [http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-4912 MDL-4912 /docs folder needs to be reviewed and files removed]).
* Update the main navigation block and create the documentation block by translating [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]].
* Translate [[MediaWiki:Noarticletext]] to provide links to the English documentation for pages which do not yet exist in your language.
==Inter-language linking==
* Add inter-language links to pages by typing <code><nowiki>[[xx:Corresponding page title in the new language]]</nowiki></code> in the English MoodleDocs, and <code><nowiki>[[en:Corresponding page title in English]]</nowiki></code> in the new language Moodle Docs, at the bottom of the page, below the category link. Inter-language links will appear automatically in the "In other languages" block.
==Further links to the English documentation==
* Optional: Provide further links to English documentation pages by typing <code><nowiki>[[:en:English page title]]</nowiki></code> (adding an extra <code>:</code> before <code>en:</code>) e.g. [[:en:Release Notes]].
Note: [[MediaWiki:Noarticletext]], containing the text below, automatically provides links for every page in Moodle to the corresponding English documentation page if they do not yet exist in your language.
<nowiki>This page does not exist yet. You are welcome to [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} create it]
or read ''[[:en:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|the corresponding page in the English documentation]]''.</nowiki>
==Moodle Docs pages==
Translate the following, including page names:
* [[Help:Editing]]
* [[Help:Contents]]
* [[MoodleDocs:Guidelines for contributors]]
==System messages==
Translate the following system messages:
* [[MediaWiki:Loginprompt]]
* [[MediaWiki:Enotif body]], [[MediaWiki:Enotif subject]], [[MediaWiki:Enotif lastvisited]], [[MediaWiki:Enotif newpagetext]], [[MediaWiki:Changed]],  [[MediaWiki:Created]] (notification email)
* [[MediaWiki:Emailauthenticated]]
Depending upon the language, certain additional [[Special:Allmessages|system messages]] may require translating, for example:
* [[MediaWiki:Talk]] (page comments)
* [[MediaWiki:Nstab-main]]
* [[MediaWiki:Edit]]
* [[MediaWiki:Viewsource]]
* [[MediaWiki:History short]]
* [[MediaWiki:Watch]]
* [[MediaWiki:Unwatch]]
* [[MediaWiki:Move]]
* [[MediaWiki:Protect]]
* [[MediaWiki:Unprotect]]
* [[MediaWiki:Delete]]
* [[MediaWiki:Specialpage]]
* [[MediaWiki:Recentchangestext]]
==Link pages==
* Create a set of [[Link pages|link pages]], leaving the names as file paths and simply adding translated categories.
* Move all link pages to provide translated page names.
* Announce '''Moodle Docs''' in the moodle.org [http://moodle.org/course/category.php?id=3 community discussion] course.
* Consider adding an RSS feed block to your community discussion course.
* Encourage translation by creating a "Pages for translation" template and category e.g. Template pages: [[:es:Plantilla:Pendiente de traducir]], [[:fr:Modèle:En cours de traduction]] and category pages: [[:es:Categoría:Pendiente de traducir]], [[:fr:Catégorie:Traduction en cours]].
[[es:MoodleDocs:Comenzando con Moodle Docs en otro idioma]]
[[fr:MoodleDocs:Démarrer MoodleDocs]]

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