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(Web apps:)
(Web apps:)
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=== Web apps: ===
=== Web apps: ===
* [http://mle.sourceforge.com Mobile LE]
* [http://iphone.moodle.com.au iPhone4Moodle] (available 2010)
* [http://iphone.moodle.com.au iPhone4Moodle] (available 2010)
* Moodle for Mobiles: [http://www.mobilemoodle.org/momo18/ MoMo]
* Moodle for Mobiles: [http://www.mobilemoodle.org/momo18/ MoMo]

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How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?

There are two ways to use Moodle on a mobile device, you can pay for or download a native app for your cellular device (currently the only native Moodle app is planned for release by www.Moodletouch.com in April 2010), or you can configure your Moodle site to be Mobile accessible by using one of the available plug-ins.

Native Apps:

  • MoodleTouch created by Ali OzGur (available April 2010)
  • mPage created by Mass Media, HK (available May 24, 2010)

Web apps:

  • iPhone4Moodle (available 2010)
  • Moodle for Mobiles: MoMo
  • Moodbile
  • MLE-Moodle - MLE-Moodle is a plugin for Moodle, which adds mLearning functionality to this open-source eLearning system.

Which platforms are supported?




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