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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Mobile Moodle FAQ.

(How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?: subheadings added)
(How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?)
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=== Native Apps: ===
=== Native Apps: ===
* (Available April 2010) MoodleTouch: [http://www.moodletouch.com] created by Ali OzGur  
* [http://www.moodletouch.com MoodleTouch] created by Ali OzGur (Available April 2010)
=== Web apps: ===
=== Web apps: ===
* Mobile LE: [http://mle.sourceforge.com]  
* [http://mle.sourceforge.com Mobile LE]  
* (Available 2010) iPhone4Moodle: [http://iphone.moodle.com.au]  
* [http://iphone.moodle.com.au iPhone4Moodle] (Available 2010)
* Moodle for Mobiles:  
* Moodle for Mobiles: [http://www.mobilemoodle.org/momo18/ MoMo]
* MoMo:  [http://www.mobilemoodle.org/momo18/] <
== Which platforms are supported? ==
== Which platforms are supported? ==

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How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?

There are two ways to use Moodle on a mobile device, you can pay for or download a native app for your cellular device (currently the only native Moodle app is planned for release by [1] in April 2010), or you can configure your Moodle site to be Mobile accessible by using one of the available plug-ins.

Native Apps:

  • MoodleTouch created by Ali OzGur (Available April 2010)

Web apps:

Which platforms are supported?



  • MLE-Moodle - MLE-Moodle is a plugin for Moodle, which adds mLearning functionality to this open-source eLearning system.



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