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HTML editor FAQ

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Be sure to see the HTML editor page for more information.

I can't find the option to do......

Click the icon at the far right of the bottom row (two boxes with an arrow). It will say "Enlarge Editor" when you hover over it. The editor will now appear in a pop-up with the full range of options available (e.g. tables).

The HTML Editor does not appear

Check the following points and/or discussions (in no particular order);

  • Prior to 1.9.11 HTMLArea only supported Firefox and Internet Explorer. Thereafter Chrome and Safari (but not in mobile devices) are also supported.
  • GoDaddy
  • Analytics code or advertisement scripts
  • Hacked site / injected code
  • Editor can be disabled from Administration > Appearance > HTML editor > Use HTML editor or
  • Editor can be disabled from user profile (When editing text > Use standard web forms)
  • Settings of browser (javascript may be disabled)
  • Some custom plugin may break source code
  • Check the config.php file - remove the closing '?>' at the end (it doesn't need it). Make sure you haven't used a broken editor (anything Microsoft wrote, typically) that may have corrupted the file.

How can I enable a spell-check?

If you want the HTML editor to have a spell-check button, you need to install aspell 0.50 or later on your server, and enter the correct path to access the aspell binary in Administration > Server > System paths.

How we can disable the spell check button for specific instances in a quiz?

The spell check is very handy for most circumstances but a quiz where you are looking at spelling and punctuation in student responses kind of defeats the purpose of the question. You can use the theme CSS files to disable the button on a specific question type. Try:

 .essay div[title='Spell-check'] {

The spell check button should be displayed everywhere except on the essay question type response box.

Suggested by Joshua Westerway.

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