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File picker FAQ

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The File picker is new to Moodle 2.0. Here are some common question of old and new users about this feature.

Can I move items around in the File Picker?

No. Moodle associates files with activities. You need to navigate to these activities to link to them.

How can I create shared folders of common files for others to access?

  • When creating a folder of files using "add a resource > folder" the files are then visible and editable to other teachers in the course. The resource can be hidden with the "eye" icon to keep it out of student view.
  • Another method to create and share files and folders out of sight of students is to use Legacy_course_files which replicate the course files system of Moodle 1.9 but which are disabled by default in 2.0 owing to security reasons. See Legacy_course_files for more information about the risks involved and also how to enable them.
  • One of the repository options is the File System Repository. Of the options (Alfresco, DropBox etc) it is simple and easy to set up. The only problem is getting the files there. For this you could use WebDAV, FTP, but of course there are security issues. See also

I've just uploaded a file. Now I cannot see it when I want to use it somewhere else. Why is this?

One option: if you choose the copyright option "All Rights Reserved" it is not available to others.

What is the Private files repository?

The Private_files link is visible in the file picker if the admin has enabled it in Site_administration_menu_2.0 > plugins > repositories > manage repositories.

If this is the case then a user will have a link in their profile settings (and, if added, in a side block) to a personal area into which they can upload files and organise folders.

The uploaded files and folders may then be selected from the Private_files link in the file picker.

Is there a way to upload a lot of files at once?

When you are creating a page for example, can you uload a lot of files to link to at once? Not at the moment.

Is there a way to delete files from the file picker?

See Repositories_FAQ You cannot delete files, since they may be used elsewhere. The system cleans them up after a period of time.

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