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Contributed code FAQ

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What is contributed code?

Contributed code, or "contrib" for short, is understood to be all code contributed to Moodle which is not included in the standard Moodle distribution.

Where can I download contributed modules and plugins from?

The Modules and plugins database is a comprehensive reference of all known Moodle modules, hacks and plugins.

How do I install a contributed module or plugin?

See Installing contributed modules or plugins for full instructions.

How do I apply a patch?

See Development:How to apply a patch.

Why doesn't my newly installed module show up in the list of modules?

Firstly, check that you have visited your admin index page http://your_moodle_address/admin/index.php to complete the installation. Next, see the section on installation trouble-shooting in Installing contributed modules or plugins for further things to check.

How do I contribute code to Moodle?

See our Guidelines for contributed code.

Is there any information on creating a new module or plugin?

See Development:Modules, Development:Blocks and Development:Authentication plugins.

How do I upgrade my contrib code to Moodle 2.0?

See Development:Migrating contrib code to 2.0.

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