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Choice module FAQ

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How can I enable users to participate in a front page choice activity?

To enable logged-in users to participate in a front page choice activity:

  1. Update the choice and click the 'Override permissions' tab
  2. Select the authenticated user role
  3. Set the capability mod/choice:choose to allow.
  4. Click the 'Save changes' button.

Can I use images or other file types as choice options instead of text?

To do this, first upload your images or sound files (mp3) or video files to your course:

  1. Go to your course files and get the URL (web address) of the files you want to display. (You can usually do this by right-clicking and selecting Properties or copy link location)
  2. Paste it into a text editor like notepad (This is not essential but makes it easier to add the code)
  3. To display an image, add this code either side of your image URL:
    <img src="YOUR_IMAGE_.jpg" />
  4. To display a sound or video file -first ensure your site admin has multimedia plugins/filters enabled
  5. Add this code either side of your sound or video file:
    <a href="YOUR_SOUND_FILE.mp3"></a>
  6. Set up your choice as normal and in the options boxes, paste the relevant code+URL.

Beware! Double check before you paste - any extra or missing space or bit of code and it won't work.

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