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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Case studies (administrator).

Seattle Academy is an independent secondary school of approximately 560 students. The upper school has had a laptop program for all students since 1997 and has used Moodle since 2005. Here we document how we have configured and customized Moodle 1.9 to best serve students and faculty in this environment.

San Francisco State University uses Moodle for more than three years now (as of year 2008). As of May 2008, we have more than 90,000 registered users in the database and more than 30,000 users are considered as currently active users. As for courses, we have total of 57,000 courses sitting on our database, and among them, around 53,000 are considered as active. We also have integrated Moodle with our SIMS/R system (see The student population in SFSU covers the range from undergraduate, graduate, and first professional students.