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  • Navigation breaks down when you have lots of courses
  • Users have asked for navigation to be customisable
  • Duplication of stuff in navigation e.g. Messaging, My profile and settings blocks confusing
  • Confusing that some of the breadcrumbs (items in the navigation bar) are clickable and some are not
  • Confusing that some things appear twice in tree (e.g profile & participants)
  • confusing that some things appear despite being no capability for user or plugin disabled
  • Need to clarify what belongs in Navigation and Settings block
    • Kris
      • Navigation should only have course navigation
      • Everything else should be in settings
    • Martin
      • Options to make a change should be in settings
  • Decisions/Votes
    • Move “My profile” to dropdown menu next to your name/login information in top-right - Agreed
    • Should “My profile” dropdown menu be a block? - Disagreement/TBD ( edit renderer ) needs to have subgroup discussion
    • “My courses” separated from “Current course” - Agreed (Will be implemented by [ MDL-33017] really soon now)
    • Move reports to “Settings” - Agreed - MDL-31983
    • Rename “Settings” to Administration - Agreed
      • (to note, the strings under don’t need to have ‘administration’ e.g. course administration => course, site administration => site etc)
    • Where should student grades be in (for student view only)
      • Administration (previously known as “Settings”)
      • Course administration (where it is currently)
      • Reports
      • User menu
        • here a grade link could show grades for all courses (uncertain whether this page exists or not yet?)
      • Under “Current course” in navigation block
        • Agreed
    • “My profile settings” under “Administration” block moved to “User menu”? TBD
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