Contributing to Moodle

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There are lots of ways you can contribute to the Moodle project:

User support

Join in with the international discussions in Moodle in English or community discussions in many other languages.


Help write and edit our user documentation in various languages or our developer docs.


Help test and report bugs via the Moodle Tracker (see the introduction to the Tracker) and participate in QA testing.


Do some usability testing and report your results in Moodle in English or as suggested improvements in the Tracker.


Help develop new code for Moodle or share your code in the Plugins directory.


Share your theme in the Themes section of the plugins directory.


Assist with the translation of Moodle.


Do you want to help but don't have the time? Do you want to give something back to the project to help pay the developers who make it happen?