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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Question categories.

Rather than keeping all your questions in one big list, you can create categories to keep them in.

Each category consists of a name and a short description.

Each category can also be "published", which means that the category (and all questions in it) will be available to all courses on this server, so that other courses can use your questions in their quizzes. (There is a potential problem however if other courses try to use a question with an image: students will not be able to see the image unless they are also enrolled in the course that owns the question category. Also if using a question from a published category you should be aware of the fact that the teacher in the course owning the category could change or delete the question without your knowledge. If you don't want this it might be better to create a local copy of the question in your own course.)

Adding new categories you will be completing the following fields:

The category in which this one will be placed. If no other categories have been created, only 'Top' will be available.
The name of the category.
Category info
A brief description of the category.
Whether or not to immediately publish this category.

Categories can also be created or deleted at will. However, if you try to delete a category containing questions, then you will be asked to specify another category to move them to.

You can also arrange the categories in a hierarchy so that they are easier to manage. The 'Move category to' field lets you move a category to another category.

By clicking on the arrows in the 'Order' field, you can change the order in which the categories are listed.

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